Trusted Oradell Traffic Ticket Lawyers

At the Aretsky Law Group, our Oradell Traffic Ticket Attorneys are committed to safeguarding your rights and ensuring fair representation when it comes to traffic violations. With years of experience in New Jersey’s legal landscape, our dedicated team of lawyers specializes in handling cases related to speeding tickets, DUI/DWI charges, and careless driving, among other offenses. Whether you are facing fines, license points, or other penalties our Oradell Traffic Ticket lawyers are here to guide you through the legal process in the Oradell Municipal Court and fight for the best possible outcome for you. Having one of our elite attorneys who specialize in traffic offenses in Oradell on your side will significantly increase your chances of a successful defense.

Traffic tickets and other moving violations can be a hassle in New Jersey. Our traffic lawyers can help you navigate the court system and potentially reduce fines, points on your license, or even get your ticket dismissed.

Some of the Services Covered by Our Attorneys Include:

Traffic Violations

  • Speeding Tickets
  • Contesting speeding tickets to reduce fines and points on your license.
  • Reckless Driving
  • Defense against charges that can lead to severe penalties.
  • License Suspensions
  • Assistance in reinstating suspended or revoked licenses.
  • Driving Without Insurance
  • Defense against penalties for driving without valid insurance.

The Oradell Municipal Court handles the entirety of traffic violations, however the proceedings are conducted at the:

Paramus Municipal Complex
1 Jockish Square
Paramus, New Jersey 07652
Phone: (201) 265-2100

Here's a Breakdown of What Our Lawyers Who Specialize in Traffic Matters Can Do for You:

In the unfortunate situation of facing a traffic violation in Oradell, New Jersey, our skilled traffic lawyers can be a valuable asset in your defense. They will examine the ticket to identify weaknesses. Our lawyers will meticulously review the details of your ticket searching for inconsistencies, errors or missing information that could lead to the dismissal of the charge. They may also look for possible procedural mistakes made by the officer, like faulty equipment or improper pull-over procedures that can be grounds for challenging the ticket.

Our attorneys are also adept at negotiating plea bargains to potentially reduce the charges or the associated fines. This could mean getting a speeding ticket reduced to a non-moving violation, which wouldn’t add points to your license. Then, based on the specifics of your case, our lawyers develop tailored defense strategies for a successful outcome.

This might involve:

  1. Challenging the officer's testimony by questioning the accuracy of radar readings or citing discrepancies in the report.
  2. Presenting evidence in your favor, such as witness statements, dashcam footage, or proof of malfunctioning equipment on your vehicle. OR
  3. Highlighting extenuating circumstances, like a sudden medical emergency that led to the violation.

Regardless of the tactic they take, our experienced lawyers will confidently represent you in court, presenting your case clearly and persuasively to the judge. With years of experience under their belts, they understand the nuances of traffic law and court procedures, increasing your chances of a favorable outcome.

Additional Benefits:
  • Minimizing the Impact on Your Driving Record: Traffic violations can lead to points on your license, which can significantly increase your car insurance rates. Our lawyers will work towards getting the charges dismissed or reduced, minimizing the impact on your driving record and potentially saving you money on insurance in the long run.
  • They will handle the complexities of the legal process, saving you time and stress.
  • They will also advise you on the best course of action based on the severity of the violation and your driving history.

Whether you are facing a minor parking ticket or a more serious traffic offense with severe penalties, we are here to provide the guidance you need to navigate your way through the circumstances. Our Oradell Traffic Ticket attorneys work to protect your rights and your future. So don't settle for just any traffic defense. Contact the Aretsky Law Group today at 201-580-3411 for a free consultation. Let us put our experience and expertise to work for you.

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I highly recommend Eric Aretsky. He got me $500,000.00 for significant injuries that I received when my car was crushed by a truck on Route 80. This firm took care of everything for me. Bruce P.
They made this nerve racking experience very easy for me. Made me aware of every email send to court. I am very pleased and grateful. Mari L.