Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Personal Injury Claim?

When someone breaks a rule or law that is designed to protect others from harm, the law provides that the person who broke the rule and caused injury is responsible or "liable" to pay the amount of money that is necessary to compensate the injured person or persons for the harm that was suffered. Some of the situations where this may hold true are: products liability, third-party claims, motor vehicle accidents, nursing home negligence and construction accidents.

What is a Wrongful Death Claim?

When someone breaks a rule or law that is designed to protect others from harm and the person dies as a result, the law provides that the person who broke the rule and caused injury is responsible or "liable" to compensate the certain people related to the deceased.

Does the person at fault pay the claim?

This is almost never the case. In almost all instances, the person who caused the injury has an insurance policy and the insurance company will defend the claim and pay any settlements or judgments.

Is my insurance company on my side?

Insurance companies exist to make money, not to do public good. The more claims they pay, the higher their costs and the lower their profits. The goal of your insurance company is the same as the goal of the insurance company of the person at fault – to pay out the least possible on claims. Be sure to have an attorney represent you so that you receive the most monetary compensation for you case.

Will insurance cover my expenses?

When you are the victim in an accident insurance companies will try to compensate you as little as possible. You should have representation from a personal injury firm to help you deal with insurance companies and their representatives.

Do I have a case?

To have a case, you need to prove three things:

  1. Someone was at fault
  2. You sustained injury
  3. Injuries are a direct result of the negligence of someone else

Our New Jersey personal injury attorneys will help you establish negligence and gather evidence to support your case. We will also help make sure that the insurance company does not try to lower the value of the case.

Can I handle my own case?

You can, but why would you?! Would you give yourself a haircut? Individuals who handle their own cases often end up with greater financial loss than if they were to hire an attorney and pay attorney fees. Even seemingly simple cases can quickly become complicated due to disputed issues or other reasons.

Let us evaluate your case for free and we can help you understand how our involvement may bring you higher compensation, not only if your case goes to court but also in terms of settlements. Our knowledge of these matters allows us to start developing a strategy from the minute we take the case and that means a better outcome for you.

What type of compensation am I entitled to?

When you are injured in an accident and are compensated for harm that has occurred, some of the compensation will be for the following: past and future medical expenses, lost income and lost earning capacity, pain and suffering.

Will my case go to trial?

Resolving a case without going to trial saves time and money. A number of cases certainly settle before going to trial. But more and more are going to trial because insurance companies typically offer very low settlements.

What is the cost to hire a New Jersey personal injury lawyer?

Aretsky Law Group, P.C. attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. Personal injury cases often require the use of investigators and medical experts to prove the case. Expert witness fees and other costs of litigation can be expensive. At the Bergen County personal injury law firm of Aretsky Law Group, P.C., we commit our own financial resources to proving your case. We cover all the costs of your case up front.

We will meet with you in one of our meeting locations in Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex or Union County, or we will speak with you on the phone and during this free case evaluation, we will let you know how we can help you and your case.

Client Reviews
I highly recommend Eric Aretsky. He got me $500,000.00 for significant injuries that I received when my car was crushed by a truck on Route 80. This firm took care of everything for me. Bruce P.
They made this nerve racking experience very easy for me. Made me aware of every email send to court. I am very pleased and grateful. Mari L.