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Each day, thousands of residents in New Jersey find themselves suddenly and unexpectedly injured. In some cases, these injuries can be minor like a small cut or bruise; other times, however, serious injuries like traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, and other similar catastrophic injuries result. A personal injury accident in New Jersey can require the victim to expend thousands of dollars for medical treatment, miss weeks or even months of work, and suffer physical and mental pain and distress.

For decades, Aretsky Law Group, P.C. has dedicated its practice to assisting New Jersey residents who find themselves hurt because of another’s negligent acts recover the compensation they need to put their lives back together. Contact Aretsky Law Group, P.C. today to discuss your personal injury accident.

After an injury or the death of a loved one, it can be hard to think about calling an attorney. You are already handling so much as you try to heal. But if you do not protect yourself right away, it may take much longer to heal from the financial strain. We are here to help.

Were you injured in an accident that was caused by the negligence of another?

Do you think that your loved one suffered injury or died due to medical malpractice?

Elements of a Successful New Jersey Personal Injury

You may be able to file a personal injury accident in your local Superior Court and receive compensation for your injuries and losses if witnesses and evidence are available with which you can establish:

The other party owed you a legal duty to act in a certain way, such as the general duty that every individual owes to every other individual to act or behave in a reasonable and careful manner;

The other party breached this duty of care by behaving in a careless, reckless, or negligent manner – i.e., in a manner in which a reasonable and careful person would not have behaved under the circumstances;

The other party’s actions caused or contributed to your injuries. In other words, there must be a causal connection such that your injuries would not have occurred (or would not have been as serious) but for the other party’s behavior; and

Your injuries can be compensated with a monetary award. A court will award you damages to compensate you for medical bills, lost wages, lost future earnings, pain and suffering, and any other loss or expense so long as it can be quantified and expressed in terms of money.

At Aretsky Law Group, P.C., our experienced, caring, and aggressive attorneys will fight for your rights in NJ accident cases. We help you, negotiating with insurance companies or taking your case to trial. You don’t need to go through this alone.

We Handle the Insurance Companies, Paperwork, and Details

Once you hire a personal injury attorney at Aretsky Law Group, P.C., you do not need to speak with the insurance companies again. We handle all the paperwork and details. We are experienced negotiators—tough when we need to be. But if we cannot negotiate a fair and full settlement in your accident or malpractice case, we take your case to court to get you the compensation you deserve for injuries or wrongful death caused by the following:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents: car accidents, head-on collisions, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, drunk driving accidents, tractor-trailer jackknife accidents, and motorcycle crashes.
  • Medical Malpractice: injuries and death caused by medical negligence, nursing negligence, misdiagnoses, birth injuries, hospital errors, emergency room negligence, medication errors, etc.
  • Nursing Home Negligence: cases involving injuries and death caused by bed and pressure sores, head injuries, burns, broken bones, dehydration, malnutrition, emotional or psychological abuse, medical malpractice, and medication errors.
  • Accidents on Dangerous Properties: slip-and-fall accidents, swimming pool accidents, escalator accidents, and dog bites.
  • Sexual Abuse of Children: abuse committed by adults in positions of authority within a school, church, or daycare.
You Pay Nothing Unless We Recover Compensation for You

At the Bergen County personal injury law firm of Aretsky Law Group, P.C., you pay nothing unless we recover compensation.

Act Quickly to Protect Your Rights

Title 2A of the New Jersey Statutes gives personal injury victims two years from the date of their accident to file a complaint for compensation, so it is important for injured New Jersey residents to speak with Aretsky Law Group, P.C. as soon as possible so as to protect their right to recover. Call Aretsky Law Group, P.C. today at 201-580-3411. We answer our phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Schedule an initial consultation and meet one of our attorneys.

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I highly recommend Eric Aretsky. He got me $500,000.00 for significant injuries that I received when my car was crushed by a truck on Route 80. This firm took care of everything for me. Bruce P.
They made this nerve racking experience very easy for me. Made me aware of every email send to court. I am very pleased and grateful. Mari L.