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The Middletown auto accident attorneys from Aretsky Law Group, P.C. aggressively represent their clients who suffered injuries through no fault of their own in car crashes. They take pride in working hard to maximize their client’s potential financial recovery. Aretsky Law Group’s Middletown car crash lawyers understand the pain, suffering, and frustration people feel after suffering an injury in a car wreck. That is why they work diligently to recover damages for their clients and take pride in achieving justice for people who were injured because of another’s carelessness.

Car Accidents Driving today has become more and more difficult. Many drivers are distracted by cell phone and other devices when their attention should be firmly on the road. In addition, drivers seem like they are always in a hurry and do not appear to be paying attention to the fact that they are operating a 2-ton plus machine at high speeds. Add to that motorists’ inability to follow the rules of the road and driving becomes downright dangerous. There are a few things you can do to protect yourself on the road.

  1. Slow down and obey speed limits. You will save gas and have better control over your vehicle;
  2. Obey all traffic laws. Traffic laws create a predictable pattern of behavior. Driving is unsafe if predictability is lost when drivers fail to follow the rules;
  3. Wear your seatbelt. Wearing your seatbelt will reduce the chances that you will suffer serious injuries or death in a car accident;
  4. Eliminate Never text and drive. Additionally, any phone calls should be made on a hands-free device if a call needs to be made at all. It can usually wait; and
  5. Never drive while intoxicated by an alcoholic beverage. Similarly, you should never drive after taking a prescription medication that could cause drowsiness or after taking any illegal narcotics.

If, after taking all of these precautions, you are involved in a car crash you may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries. You can receive compensation for:

  • Past medical expenses,
  • Future medical expenses,
  • Lost wages,
  • Missed financial opportunities,
  • Pain and suffering, and
  • Loss of quality of life.

An insurance company will not simply award you the damages that you demand. You must prove to the claims adjuster that you deserve the compensation you deem to be just in the circumstances.

The insurance company has an interest in keeping the settlement as low as possible. Insurance companies turn a profit when they collect more money with insurance premiums than they pay out to satisfy claims. Therefore, claims adjusters have a motivation to keep settlements low. Furthermore, most auto insurers rely on some database that calculates how much a claim is worth after taking into consideration the type of injury claimed, the amount of economic damages, and the manner in which the accident happened.

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Therefore, a person injured in a car accident must find a way to convince the claims adjuster that your claim should be valued higher than what the database says it is worth. One helpful way you can do this is by maintaining a journal of your recovery. Write every day, or as often as you, can in a notebook or even in the notes application of your smartphone and record your thoughts and feelings about the day. Compare and contrast your life as you recover from your injuries to your life before you were hurt. You can write about the level of pain you are in or how you can no longer play with your children because your back and neck hurt. Include in your description setbacks but be sure to include improvement as well. Your journal will help you recall how you felt during your recovery if you are asked later on during the claims process. This information can be used to convince the adjuster that your claim should be valued higher than the database dictates.

An auto insurer might also contact you soon after the accident in an attempt to convince you that settling your claim without a protracted negotiation process is in your best interest. In fact, resolving your claim within a few days or weeks is rarely in your best interest. The insurance company will require you to sign a release before it gives you the settlement check. A release is a binding contract which ends your claim forever because by accepting the settlement check you agree not to pursue the claim any further. That means you cannot try to collect additional damages if your injuries take a long time to heal or worsen over time. You would be forfeiting your rights to pursue damages for those injuries if you settle too soon.

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The Middletown auto accident attorneys at Aretsky Law Group will handle all of the calls and answer all of the correspondence from the insurance company for you. You can focus on your recovery while our experienced, savvy, and knowledgeable auto accident attorneys with Aretsky Law Group, P.C. will work diligently to prepare your claim and negotiate with the insurance company to find justice for you and your family. Call Aretsky Law Group, P.C. at 800-537-4154 24/7 to discuss your claim and to schedule a Consultation and case review. Aretsky Law Group, P.C. has meeting places located conveniently throughout New Jersey to meet with you and your loved ones about your Middletown auto accident claim. The time to file is limited. Call today.

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I highly recommend Eric Aretsky. He got me $500,000.00 for significant injuries that I received when my car was crushed by a truck on Route 80. This firm took care of everything for me. Bruce P.
They made this nerve racking experience very easy for me. Made me aware of every email send to court. I am very pleased and grateful. Mari L.