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Have you incurred injury or suffering from a dog bite? Aretsky Law Group, P.C. has the legal expertise and vital tips to make sure you receive the monetary compensation that you deserve. Our Passaic dog bite lawyers are experts in dog bite law and will fight hard for your rights. After you’ve been bitten by a dog in Passaic, New Jersey, get to know the key parts of a dog bite case below, and ensure your safety and peace of mind by scheduling a meeting with one of our attorneys.

Passaic Dog Bite Claim: Damages

The victim of a dog bite is entitled to damages determined by federal and state law, as well as statutes specific to a dog bite in Passaic, New Jersey. Money is paid to the victim of an attack for their damages. A dog bite claim can result in monetary compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium, or marital/familial distress
  • Any other loss directly caused by the dog bite in question

The strength of a claim will rely on the directness and clarity of the cause of these damages, as well as the evidence one can produce. The easier it is to identify the dog bite or attack as the cause of the damages or losses, and the easier it is to prove the severity of the damages, the more seriously the law will consider a claim.

Passaic Dog Bite Claim: Evidence

A victim provides evidence of the related damages in order to form a claim. Each type of damages will require separate and distinct evidence that proves each individual loss. Claiming medical expenses requires record of injuries treated that match the nature of the attack as well as the cost of those treatments. More abstract losses will hinge more on reliable testimony and sensible timeframe, such whether or not a change in a victim’s lifestyle or situation can be proven to have started directly or not long after the attack. Be sure to keep as much secure record of as much evidence as possible after a dog bite attack so that it is easier to later provide support for damages.

Passaic Dog Bite Claim: Liability

The next step in a Passaic dog bite case is determining liability. Liability will vary depending on the type of injury incurred in the attack, but New Jersey law has a generally stern stance on liability, especially in the case of a bite. Dog owners are commonly liable for all injuries resulting from a dog bite, even if the owner has taken precautions to prevent the dog from injuring someone. The law is vaguer in relation to injuries that result from other forms of attack by a dog, such as a collision, but the issue of liability and the responsibility of the dog owner will still apply, and these incidents can still elicit claims for related damages. Laws governing the monitoring of animal behavior will also play a role in determining liability. Common responsibilities a dog owner can be liable for in a dog bite or attack include:

  • Properly leashing and/or restraining a dog while in public
  • Inadequate containment of a dog on the owner’s property, such as fencing
  • Neglect for additional precaution in light of prior knowledge of a dog’s aggressive or over-excited disposition or behavior
  • Failure to properly register, vaccinate, or medicate a dog in accordance with its needs or with general safety concerns

In addition to state and federal law, local ordinances may aid in further determination related to liability. To find out more about how the Passaic municipal code impacts local dog bite cases, see Chapter 117 of the Revised Ordinances of the City of Passaic, linked here:

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