Paterson Dog Bites

If you’ve been attacked by a dog and hope to claim compensation, you’ll need an attorney experienced with dog bite cases. Aretsky Law Group, P.C. knows what to do when you’ve been attacked by a dog in Paterson, New Jersey. Our Paterson dog bite lawyers, versed in the associated law and dedicated to their clients, will make sure you get the best compensation possible. While you’re recovering from your injury, make sure you’re in safe legal hands by contacting us.

Damages Related to a Paterson Dog Bite Victim

A dog bite victim in Paterson, New Jersey may be entitled to different damages depending on the circumstances and severity of the bite. Damages are amounts of money paid to a victim as compensation for loss of various kinds. Common damages in a dog bite claim include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of consortium, or function of the victim within a family
  • Any other losses directly related to the dog bite.

Damages that are clearly a direct result of an attack pose a strong legal argument for compensation.

Acquiring Evidence

A victim must provide evidence of these damages. A claim of lost wages requires documentation of time lost after the attack. For claiming medical expenses, bills and records that describe the injuries of a dog bite and the associated cost are needed. Make sure to keep safe record of any paperwork or other evidence related to an attack whenever possible.

Liability in the Event of a Paterson Dog Bite

The liability of the dog owner for these injuries will depend largely on the type of injury, but New Jersey’s laws are very stern on liability. Dog owners are generally liable for all injuries resulting from a dog bite. This liability remains even in the face of precautions by the dog owner to prevent the dog from injuring someone. Liability is not as strict in cases of other forms of attack by a dog, such as a sudden jump or collision.

Other state laws and city ordinances further protect Paterson dog bite victims. Leash laws require dogs and similar animals to be secured in public, and statutes and ordinances on monitoring animal behavior may make an owner liable for missing warning signs before an attack.

For more on dog owner liability in Paterson, visit the City of Paterson’s Ordinance page on the Licensing and Control of Dogs:

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