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As the location of Garret Mountain Reservation and the Rifle Camp Park (which, when combined together, occupy nearly 800 acres in Passaic County. Although these parks and other areas of the Woodland Park borough may seem serene, the roadways and highways going through and around Woodland Park are anything but calm and peaceful. New Jersey Department of Transportation statistics show that over 1,000 traffic accidents occur every month in Passaic County, and a number of these wrecks occur within Woodland Park itself. You and your family members need to be prepared to employ competent and experienced legal counsel if you or your loved ones become the victims of a Woodland Park car wreck.

You May Be Entitled to Compensation for Your Injuries

Car Crashed New Jersey law permits those who suffer injuries in a Woodland Park car wreck that is caused by the careless or negligent driving or behavior of another person to bring a lawsuit and seek damages from that careless individual. This compensation may include both economic as well as noneconomic damages.

Economic damages consist of compensation for bills, invoices, and other monetary expenses you suffered as a result of the crash. This may include monetary compensation for:

  • Your past medical bills along with the medical expenses you are likely to incur in the future as a result of the crash;
  • Any prescription drugs your physician prescribes to you (such as pain medication or antibiotics), so long as you take your medication as prescribed;
  • Ongoing therapy costs, including therapy to assist you in returning to your employment and/or to regain basic functions such as speech;
  • Lost wages due to time you missed from work in because of hospitalization and/or recuperation as well as any decrease in your wages you may experience due to an inability to return to your former employment.

Fast Trucks Noneconomic damages may also be available for losses you experienced that are not easily quantifiable, such as mental pain and suffering. In many cases, the assistance of an experienced Woodland Park car crash attorney is needed in order to properly value your noneconomic injuries so as to provide you with the best possible chance at recovering compensation for these losses.

Compassionate and Dedicated Assistance for You and Your Family

When you or your loved one have been injured in a Woodland Park Wreck, count on Aretsky Law Group, P.C. to help you obtain the maximum amount of compensation possible for your injuries. Our team is committed to helping you through this stressful time and assisting you in moving forward from your injury crash.

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I highly recommend Eric Aretsky. He got me $500,000.00 for significant injuries that I received when my car was crushed by a truck on Route 80. This firm took care of everything for me. Bruce P.
They made this nerve racking experience very easy for me. Made me aware of every email send to court. I am very pleased and grateful. Mari L.