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Akita Dog Bite Attorneys

Akitas were bred to be hunting and working dogs. They originate from Japan. Akitas were known for being fighting dogs. They assisted men with hunting animals.This large dog is powerful and independent. It stands 24 to 28 inches at the shoulders. This dog is often very affectionate with family members. However, it is know to be aloof around people that it is not familiar with. They can be very territorial with their surroundings. Some countries have declared the Akita a dangerous dog.

History of Akitas

While the Akita originated in Japan, Helen Keller is said to have brought the first Akita to the United States after being gifted two dogs by the Japanese government in 1938. During World War 2 American serviceman serving in Japan came into contact with Akitas and were so impressed with them that they often brought them home to the United States. There are two versions of the Akita. The American Akita is larger than the Japanese version. Movies about Hachiko, a legendary Akita who lived during the 1920's in Japan, made the breed popular. In Japan, an old tradition is upon the birth of a child, the parents often receive an Akita figurine representing a long life and happiness. The American Kennel Club recognized the breed in 1972.

Akitas Have Been Responsible for Injuring People Due to Their Aggressive Nature

These large dogs are known to be dangerous. Despite often being loyal to family members, Akitas are often aggressive to strangers. They are known for having a propensity to bite people. Due to their aggressive behavior, it is recommended that they be trained starting at a very early age. It is critical that Akitas be well socialized with people and other dogs from a very early age. This breed is hardwired to protect those they are familiar with.The American Kennel Club advises that they are potentially “aggressive” and further advises that adults should always supervise Akitas around young children. They even have propensity to attach other dogs. They should not be permitted in leash free dog parks.

Lawyers for Akita Dog Bite Injuries

Injuries suffered as the result of an Akita dog bite are often severe due to the large of the dog and the large size and pressure of their jaw. As compared to other breeds, Akitas have a very high rate of dog bite attacks that cause significant injuries. The Merritt Clifton report for the period 1982-2013 provides that Akitas are one of the most dangerous breeds even though there are not a lot of them as compared to other known violent breeds. During that period of time, Akitas caused 8 deaths, 68 attacks resulting in injuries and 50 maimings. They represent on;y 1 percent of the dog population.

If an Akita bites someone in New Jersey, the owner of the dog will be strictly liable for all injuries that their Akita causes. Contact the New Jersey dog bite lawyers at Aretsky Law Group for a free consultation and we will get you the money you deserve for your injuries.

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