Head-On Collisions

Head on car crashes may not be as common as other types of crashes, but we hear about them on the news quite frequently. This year alone there have been a number of these kinds of crashes for several reasons including the driver of a vehicle failing to stay centered in their lane, leaving the roadway or by crossing the centerline. Unfortunately, the likelihood of fatal head on car crashes are significantly higher than say rear impact crashes.

Head on Collision Statistics

According to the New Jersey Department of Transportation, total injury crashes have increased steadily from 2013 until the most updated 2016 data. In general, statistics estimate that only 2% of crashes are head on collisions, but those still account for more than 10% of driving fatalities. Nationwide statistics show head-on collisions most often happen on rural roads and undivided two-lane roads.

Head on Collision Fact
  1. Serious injuries and/or fatalities to at least one or two people can be unavoidable because of the sheer impact and the physics involved in the crash. For example, when there are two objects traveling in opposite directions, the momentum at the point of a crash becomes equal and opposite in direction. In other words, there is double force sustained by both drivers and the injuries are more serious.
  2. These collisions rarely happen dead-on, which means that the vehicle spins out, endangering co-passengers and the side portions of the vehicles. This may also cause passengers to avoid the protection from the airbags, which inflate straight-on.
  3. Glass, metal shards and hard-plastic are shattered significantly, causing deadly injuries, while the impact of the crash may also cause the bodies to be thrown out of the vehicle.
  4. Head on Collision Injuries commonly include spinal, brain, dental and facial injuries, lacerations, whiplash, airbag injury, concussion, contusions, impact injuries to the trunk and thoracic region, limb amputation, fractures, broken bones, loss of vision, damage to skull, neck and torso, which is why they are typically life-threatening.

While head-on collisions are certainly avoidable, law enforcement cite a long list of other reasons with inattention from talking on the phone, texting, and fatigue still being a major contributor. Speeding and alcohol/drug are other primary reasons for it. Driving through unfamiliar roads, negligence and impatience causing a driver to pass a vehicle too hastily are also common.

The consequences of these types of collisions are undoubtedly devastating. Survivors may suffer several years of serious injuries and permanent damage including amputations, burns, severe physical and emotional trauma while family members of those killed are mourning yet have to deal with the aftermath of the accident including funeral costs, hospital bills and other legal matters. That is why our Bergen county head-on injury lawyers are here to assist you and your family with sound legal advice.

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