Rollover Car Accidents

Your vehicle may be a lot of things to you: a means of conveyance, a ticket to fun and adventure, or an expression of your personality (for example). Your car can also be the instrument that causes you or your loved one to suffer injury – even death – if you are involved in a rollover accident. In a rollover accident, safety devices and equipment such as seatbelts and airbags may not be enough to prevent catastrophe. As is true in many other types of car crashes and accidents, you may be able to recover financial compensation to help you address your losses and costs: however, determining who is at fault can be challenging.

Bergen County rollover accident victims and their families need and deserve a strong, experienced advocate who will walk with them through the often-long and confusing recovery process. Aretsky Law Group, P.C. is committed to helping guide you and your family through the court system and assisting you in obtaining full and fair monetary compensation. While this compensation may not be able to restore health or heal broken bones, it can help you and your family address medical bills, lost wages, ongoing therapy costs, and other losses and expenses.

What Causes Rollover Accidents in Bergen County?

As any driver can attest, cars rarely roll over on their own. This means that when a car, truck, or sports utility vehicle does roll over and cause injuries, it is usually due to some careless act or negligent conduct. This can include:

Defective vehicle design: The vehicle’s manufacturer may have made a careless error or mistake in designing and building the vehicle, resulting in a vehicle that is not able to handle corners or maneuver without rolling over. A vehicle’s manufacturer may also be liable for monetary damages if this information is known (or should be known) to the vehicle manufacturer and the manufacturer fails to redesign the vehicle and/or provide adequate warnings to the consumer.

Defective vehicle parts: Just as a vehicle itself can be defective, the component parts of a vehicle – tires, especially – can be the primary cause of a rollover accident. If a tire suddenly fails (for example), this can cause the driver of a vehicle to lose control of the vehicle, make abrupt and severe steering inputs, and thereby cause the vehicle to roll over.

Dangerous roads: There is more that goes into building roads and highways than laying asphalt and painting lines. Before construction on a new road begins, engineers and others must design the road so that it will be safe and useable for traffic. This includes designing curves and imposing speed limits that operate to keep traffic safe. If these calculations are incorrect, the road as designed may contribute to rollover crashes.

Car manufacturers and car part manufacturers, design engineers, civil engineers, municipalities and other government entities can all therefore be potentially liable if you or a loved one are hurt in a Bergen County rollover accident.

In addition to these causes, aggressive driving, speeding, and other careless driving behaviors can also lead to rollover crashes. New Jersey law is clear: when one person’s or entity’s carelessness or negligence leads to a rollover crash, that person or entity may be held liable for the rollover crash’s victim’s injuries and losses. Turn to your Bergen County car crash law firm for assistance in quickly identifying those persons and/or entities whose careless acts and mistakes are responsible for your crash.

What Should I Do After a Bergen County Rollover Accident?

If you find yourself involved in a rollover crash in Bergen County, one of your first steps should be to obtain emergency medical help for your injuries. If you have been ejected from your vehicle or suffered an injury to your head, or have other severe and obvious injuries, obtaining prompt medical attention can reduce the likelihood of suffering permanent disabilities. You should make every effort to go to the hospital or your doctor’s office as soon as possible for evaluation and treatment unless you are absolutely certain your injuries are only minor.

You should next contact legal counsel promptly so your case can be evaluated, the responsible party or parties identified, and important evidence preserved. If it is suspected that your vehicle or a part of your vehicle is to blame for the crash, you should not have your car repaired or modified in any way without first speaking with your attorney as doing so can cause the destruction and/or loss of critical pieces of evidence. In addition to the potential destruction or loss of evidence, obtaining prompt legal assistance is also important because New Jersey Statutes Section 2A:14-2(a) only gives rollover injury victims two years to file their claim for compensation.

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